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1. Download and print these directions before opening the document


2. Create your affidavit by opening this document. It will allow you edit and          type in your name. 


               PAGE 1 

                      (1) Type in YOUR FULL NAME (all caps) in top open field 

                      (2)Type in your County of residence in middle open field 

                      (3) Type in Your Full Name (not all caps) in bottom open field

              PAGE 2  - Do not complete the bottom of page 2 until you are in the presence of a Notary       

                                Public. They must witness your signature and certify it.  



3. Print your downloaded and edited affidavit

4. Take to a Notary Public to be signed by you in their presence 

5. File this Affidavit of Status with the Clerk of Courts of any county under           "miscellaneous". The Clerk of Courts may not know what to do with it, but      insist that it be filed under "miscellaneous".  

          - You can find a Notary Public at your local bank or post office

          - Take money to buy 5 copies of the Filed affidavit from the

             Clerk of Courts for future use

Congratulations! It is completed.



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