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1.  Create your personal Affidavit of Status as directed on


This notarized and filed affidavit is your sworn testimony on paper that you are one of "we the People" who have the God-given unalienable rights and freedoms guaranteed and secured by our constitutions.  Copies of this filed Affidavit of Status will be attached to all Letters of Lawful Notification which may be sent to our representatives in government.


2.  Personalize the Lawful Notification Letter of Respectful Warning which is to be sent to your Senate and Assembly representatives in Madison.  This letter is also found on  Your Senate and Assembly representative's names and contact information are found on  

Click "details" under their name to find their mailing address.


3.  Click the tab MAILING AND PROOF OF DELIVERY on for instructions as to how to send it off, certified mail with proof of delivery.


4.  Personalize our Letter to Evers #1 as found on  Attach a copy of your Affidavit of Status to the back of this signed Letter of Lawful Notification, combine it with the additional documents listed there, and send this off per the directions of the Letter.  We now wait 21 days for response to the questions and for the facts we are inquiring about.


5. Personalize and mail Evers Letter #2.

6.Pesonalize and mail Letter to Senate and Assembly Representatives.

7. Personalize and mail 2021 SJR 8 / 2021 AJR 9 to your Senate and Assembly Representatives.


8.Watch here for the next action we shall be taking.

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