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1. Personalize your name and address, date, certified mail number, and your representative name and contact information. 

2. Insert representative's name in the introduction above the first paragraph.

3. Insert representative's name in the first and second paragraph of demands for information and in the final paragraph above your closing signature. 

4. Type your name under your signature line at close of letter.

5. Print your personalized letter of Lawful Notification.

6. Print Letter to the Governor, Title 18 and Title 42.

7. Write "EXHIBIT A" on top of the letter to Governor Evers.

8. Sign the Letter of Lawful Notification.

9. Copy Letter of Lawful Notification for your file.

10. Attach a copy of your Affidavit of Status to the back of this Lawful Letter of Notification.

11. Put Letter of Lawful Notification, Affidavit of Status, and all other enclosures in a 9x12 envelope.

12. Send certified mail with proof of delivery.

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