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1. Print a copy of Title 18 and Title 42 Rights Violation Law


2. Bring all documents together:

             (1) Your Affidavit of Status

             (2) Letter of Lawful Notification

             (3) Copies of Title 18 and Title 42 Rights Violation Law

             (4) Copy of Oath of Office (if available)

3. Attach your Affidavit of Status to the back of your Lawful Notification Letter

4. Enclose documents 1-4 above in an envelope addressed to the Representative.

5. Take this to your local post office with the certified mail receipt used in this Lawful Notification Letter.

6. Mail this envelope as certified mail with Return Receipt (hard-copy). Your post office will help you with this.

You have now completed your Mailing and Proof of Delivery.


Now you can sit back and wait for a response.


Save your Return Receipt when you receive it!

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