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WELCOME to "FREE IN WISCONSIN", where we advocate Freedom and Rights Enjoyed by Everyone! 

"FREE in Wisconsin" is "WE THE PEOPLE" of Wisconsin, all working together to guard our God-given and constitutionally secured and protected rights. This is the site where all Wisconsin citizens meet to find direction for simple, legal, and proactive ways to regain and also protect our rights and freedom which our state legislators are irresponsibly trampling underfoot. This must be accomplished by "WE THE PEOPLE, ", now and personally, for power and authority lies in "WE THE PEOPLE".  

Legislators are typically concerned with the fiscal impact of every piece of legislation which they are considering. We have seen, especially this past year, that every law that is passed puts further restrictions on our freedoms. We must all be concerned with the "rights violation impact" of legislation more so than the fiscal impact. 

"FREE in Wisconsin" - ALL of "WE THE PEOPLE" of Wisconsin - will cooperatively keep an eye out for all legislation which may have negative impact on our protected constitutional rights and then we will cooperatively  take lawful action to quickly build a case against all representatives supporting its advancement in the law making process. We will be taking issue with the legislator  first and legislation second. CHANGE OF EMPHASIS. 

We know that each elected or appointed official of our government takes an Oath of Office or is under a Supervisory Oath of Office. They promise their personal support of the Federal and State Constitutions which guarantees us proper representation and, most importantly, the protection of our rights, among other things. They have promised to protect our rights and freedom AS THEY CONDUCT THE DAILY BUSINESS OF THE GOVERNMENT. 


Our goal is to de-rail a bad bill's progress to becoming law. We will provide,and then you will personalize the boiler-plate forms which will be used to correspond with your representatives and other legislators, beginning with a Letter of Lawful Notification and an Affidavit which identifies who you are. These forms will be downloadable from this website with a simple checklist of instructions as to how you proceed. 

Senate bills and Assembly bills will be listed in numerical order and linked to the form(s) necessary to address the rights violation issues of that specific bill. 

If by chance a particular piece of bad legislation does become law we will be able to use the evidence we have accumulated through our written correspondence with our legislators during the law-making process as our first hand bone fide evidence of rights violations. This will be filed with our complaint 'pro se' in our District Federal Court (no lawyers involved in our end). This evidence will contain the warnings given to these legislators and the unconstitutional action they took in violation of their Oath of Office and Federal law Title 42 USC Section 1983 and Title 18 Chapter 13  #241, 242 at minimum, which is more than adequate to bring relief. Hopefully we will never have to go this far, but we will be prepared for it if we need to. 

This is a grass-roots move to fix what is broken, a cooperative effort between all of WE THE PEOPLE - the hard working citizens of Wisconsin - working together to bring power back to where it belongs - TO THE PEOPLE - to bring freedom and order back to replace the chaos we presently live within. 

Here are some details on how we are going to begin.

Our first action will be to clearly establish the FOUNDATION of a "MUTUALLY UNDERSTOOD RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN 'WE THE PEOPLE' AND OUR REPRESENTATIVES". This seems to have broken down and needs to be re-established. This will be a reality check for all involved, being informative but at the same time a serious warning to legislators to help guide their future behavior. 

Step 1 for laying this foundation will be the creation of an affidavit which legally establishes who you are and which will be used in this and all future correspondence. This will not be difficult to create, but is most important because it proves that you are one of the People who hold the God given unalienable rights and freedom protected by our Constitutions. The form for this affidavit is available for you on this website and will include a short and simple checklist of direction as to how to proceed. 

We will follow this with a Lawful Notification of Warning Letter, a few additional items, and then everything gets sent off, certified mail as proof of service. 

Let's all enjoy practicing this right of lawful correspondence with our legislators, a legal activity which can be used to bring the insubordination of our legislative and executive branches of government back under control, back to the proper and constitutional way of government. Get ready to take part in step one this week! 

You can email me at

I will also be giving updates on FreeinWisconsin Facebook Page. Please join us there. 

Thank you, and let's all do this together, for us, our children, and our grandchildren. 




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